Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor (GR)

An A. G. Leventis Gallery publication on the occasion of the temporary exhibition Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor: Charmed Lives in Greece (Nicosia, February-May 2017; Benaki Museum, Athens, June-September 2017; British Museum, London, March-July 2018). An exceptional edition, with rich photographic material, texts and letters, dedicated to three distinguished figures of the world of arts and letters and chronicling a close friendship of about 50 years

Editor: Evita Arapoglou

Texts: Evita Arapoglou, Ian Collins, Michael Llewellyn

Title: Γκίκας, Craxton, Leigh Fermor: η γοητεία της ζωής στην Ελλάδα

Publisher: The A. G. Leventis Gallery

Year of publication: 2018 (2nd edition)

Language: Greek

Pages: 253

Cover: Soft

ISBN: 978-9963-732-32-6

Code: 642

Dimensions (cm): 23.20 x 28.50 x 2.70

Price: €29.13