Victor Ioannides: reflections on the sea (ENG–GR)

An A. G. Leventis Gallery publication in conjunction with the temporary exhibition Victor Ioannides: reflections on the sea (Nicosia, 13 October  5 December 2021). Victor Ioannides (1903-1984), belongs to the so-called first generation of Cypriot artists, who were born between 1883-1913. Ioannides' oeuvre covers all traditional thematic areas, but were especially inspired by the seascapes. A photographic material of his paintings with the light reflecting on the water, the boats and the fishermen, the endless blue horizon. Artworks that reveal Ioannides' deep attachment to the sea, upon whose shores is situated his beloved city, Limassol.

Editors: Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel, Eleni S. Nikita and Katerina Stephanides
Title: Βίκτωρ Ιωαννίδης: θαλασσινοί αναστοχασμοί / Victor Ioannides: reflections on the sea
Publisher: The A. G. Leventis Gallery
Year of publication: 2021
Language: Greek & English
Pages: 80
Cover: Soft
ISBN: 978-9963-732-58-6

Code: 110649

Dimensions (cm): 21.50 x 14.00 x 0.80

Price: €14.29