Myth Unbound: Ariadne − Andromeda (ENG-GR)

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the temporary exhibition Myth Unbound: Ariadne – Andromeda (Nicosia, 6 April – 3 September 2023). Focussing on important works from the Pittas Collection, it brings together ancient Greek mythology through centuries of Western art, revealing great stories of love, (self-)sacrifice, treachery and the pains of motherhood, but also the perpetual cycle of life, death and rebirth. From the Cypro-Archaic clay figures of the Cypriot Ariadne/Venus to 20th-century art, and from Euripides’ Andromeda to contemporary poetry, visual and written references are juxtaposed with contemporary feminist reinterpretations. This publication invites you to explore iconography and literary tradition, whether ancient, post-classical or modern, keeping in mind the wise words of Natalie Haynes, ‘When women take up space, there is less available for men. But it means we get a whole story instead of half of one.’

Editors: Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel, Myrto Hatzaki and Katerina Stephanides
Title: Myth Unbound: Ariadne – Andromeda / Μύθων Αποκάλυψη: Αριάδνη – Ανδρομέδα
Publisher: The A. G. Leventis Gallery
Year of publication: 2023
Language: English & Greek
Pages: 175
Cover: Soft
ISBN: 978-9963-732-72-2

Code: 110970

Dimensions (cm): 23.00 x 28.50 x 1.50

Price: €38.83